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Have you wondered how to re-do your home to fit your new life?

Are you ready to clear out your closet of past trends and stuff that doesn't feel good or fit well? We can make you shine and help you redo your home so that it resonates with your soul.

Your Authentic Style Reimagined

Natural Makeup



Discover what looks best on you based on your body shape, and the color of your hair and skin. Find a style that resonates with your spirit and soul and shares your self-perception with others. Once discovered, learn why it's important to stay with that style, and how to shop to save time and money. We offer a money back guarantee for services rendered. 

30 min. consult:


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A Woman Looking out of a Swimming Pool



Life is full of peaks, valleys, and twists in the road that suddenly appear. How we react and the plan we set to deal with them determines our future. Our life coaches can help with sorting out that balancing act between mom, spouse, worker, and self.  Depending on your work experience and desires, we may be able to offer career advice and how to reinvent yourself in the workplace. We offer a money back guarantee for services rendered. 

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Modern Interior Design



We can help you discover how to re-configure your home to suit your new lifestyle, on a tight budget. We also help homeowners raise the value of their homes by tweaking those little things that make a big difference to new buyers. and may even invest our own money into increasing its value prior to you putting it on the market. We offer a money back guarantee for services rendered. (Southern California and Chicago residents contact us to discuss our potential investment in your property.)

30 min. consult:


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